WHO we are

We are a young team of motivated fitness trainer. We will help you to reach your goals and we are looking forward to meet you!

Here you can learn something about us.


Lena Schmid

I'm a personal trainer and a specialist for strength training. When I'm not doing sports, I like to eat and meet with friends.

Emma Schwarz

Hi, my name is Emma. I would love to support you to get in shape. Fitness is my passion and my biggest hobby.



Adrian Roethlisberger

Hello, I'm Adrian and I'm a fitness coach. In my free time I love to hike and mountain bike.

Markus Müller

My name is Mark and I will be your boxing trainer - yay! We will have a lot of fun punching each other :-)



Michael Meier

Hello, I'm Mike and I will be your physiotherapist. It's astonishing what's possible to accomplish with the human body.

Selena Mollis

My Name is Selena and I'm the massager. In my free time I enjoy reading and climbing.